AI software for predictive quality control
enables costs and Carbon savings
in the production of cement and concrete.

Our products

alcemy's AI software for predictive quality control improves the consistency of cement and concrete. It also simplifies the work of the laboratory and control station. This increases customer satisfaction, reduces production costs and sets the course for a progressive reduction of the Carbon footprint.

our value proposition

3-8 % higher contribution margin per tonne of cement

8-20 % higher contribution margin per cubic meter of ready-mix concrete

-33 % reduction of the CO2 footprint of the building material concrete

We use machine learning and control technology to predict and control the quality properties of cement and concrete - live during production.

About our technology

The building material concrete has an exciting future ahead of it: on one hand, concrete is the backbone of our world. Driven by rising population figures and a growing middle class, more and more concrete is needed.

On the other hand, the building material is already responsible for 6-9% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions, but still has significant, comparatively unexplored reduction potential. This explains our drive for founding alcemy.

about us

Our working atmosphere is characterized by constant learning and open-mindedness. We are motivated by the opportunities for CO2 savings and technical innovations in our industry.

career at alcemy

what our partners say

"I firmly believe that alcemy can help cement and concrete producers to decarbonize their value chain."

Dr. Martin Schneider
Chief Executive of VDZ ("association of German cement manufacturers")

"With alcemy our quality team is invincible. Through the software we learn a lot about our cement product."

Martin Franzke
Quality Control & Laboratory, Head of Quality Control

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