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How can we help?

Why alcemy exists

There are several decisions you have to make in cement production. You need to balance the 2 day and 28 day compressive strength within a particular target corridor while dealing with varying clinker properties and inconsistent slag and fly ash qualities. All of your raw materials may even have different availabilities and prices.

We have built Control Theory algorithms and Machine Learning models to utilize all your available laboratory data to help you with these decisions. We combine your strength, that is your deep understanding of cement manufacturing, with the strength of algorithms, making inferences from big data.

Our system makes sure that you produce your cement right on target in the most cost efficient way.

How it works

1. Upload your Laboratory Management System data exports or use our integration services.

2. Get Machine Learning powered product quality forecasts for your cement mixtures.

3. Get suggestions for process optimizations.

Your benefits

Save Grinding Energy
Reduce Clinker Factor and Carbon Emissions
Increase Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Cut Laboratory Testing

Leo Spenner

Co-Founder & CEO
Leo has been in close touch with cement all his life. He holds an M.Sc. in industrial engineering from KIT, did research projects on mill grain size prediction & CCR, and has several years of working experience in the sector. He fights for a more efficient and future-proof cement and concrete supply chain.

Robert Meyer

Co-Founder & CTO
Robert holds a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Neuroinformatics. Before founding alcemy he worked for Flixbus as a Data Scientist and Software Developer. Robert co-founded the prestigious pricing group utilizing Machine Learning, Control Theory, and non-convex optimization. He is highly motivated by each ton of carbon dioxide that can be saved by alcemy and its Software tools.


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