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Become part of our team and design a future in which buildings and infrastructure can be built with less CO2 emissions.

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Values that are very dear to our hearts

Constant learning We are entering new territory with our project. Therefore we wish for curiosity and open-mindedness towards the unknown. We want to constantly develop ourselves and our company.

Carbon saving We see capitalism as an instrument, that we use to have a positive effect on our earth. We want to make concrete a better and more sustainable building material.

Free and positive working environment Our working atmosphere is characterized by trust, honesty and appreciation. A lot of freedom enables responsibility. We strive for a multidisciplinary and diverse team, as well as the balance between family and career.

Scientific work We strive to build our company based on rational arguments, facts and scientific knowledge. To be convinced or to change one's opinion with good reason is not a weakness, but a sign of strength.

Determination We try in the best possible way to do what will help our company move forward the most. If necessary, we take calculated risks in order to push forward. We are determined to be the best at what we do.

Occam's Razor Without necessity, simple approaches, argumentation and work results are preferred to more complex ones.

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