alcemy enables a completely new type of cement and concrete production. Less expensive, with less CO2 and consistently high quality.


Our products

With alcemy’s AI software, production quality can be controlled predictively. This increases the uniformity of cement and concrete, simplifies work in the laboratory and control room, and reduces production costs. This sets the course for a progressive reduction in the CO2 footprint and significantly simplifies the handling of even the most complex mixtures.

We offer added value

100% transparency about production
and quality

40% more steady production of cement and concrete

80% less manual intervention in cement and concrete production

Up to 50% less CO2 through clinker-reduced products


Our technology

We use machine learning and control technology to predict and control the quality properties of cement and concrete – 24/7 and in real time throughout production.


Our motivation

Concrete is the backbone of our world and will continue to be needed due to increasing population and increasing urbanization.   However, the building material is also responsible for 8 percent of global CO2 emissions. 

Our motivation at alcemy: We are bringing concrete into the new age of decarbonization, improving the good properties of the building material and making it sustainable.


Join the team

You don’t want to lose any more time and make your contribution to a greener future in the concrete and cement industry? And you want to shape the change from a handcrafted natural product to a data-based and low-CO2 high-tech product? Then become part of our team and help us bring the industry into a new age! Because: Sustainability and technology are deeply anchored in our DNA. What are you waiting for?

That's what our partners say

“I firmly believe that alcemy can help cement and concrete manufacturers to decarbonize their value chain.”

– dr Martin Schneider, General Manager, German Cement Works Association

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“With alcemy, our quality team is unbeatable. The software allows us to learn a great deal about our cement product.”

– Martin Franzke, Quality Control & Laboratory, Head of Quality Control, Spenner Cement

“alcemy has a very user-friendly and self-explanatory interface – something you rarely see!”

– dr Sabine Heuschkel, Quality Manager, Märker Cement

“Beyond the use of alcemy’s product, we build up a deeper understanding of our data and data collection processes through the cooperation and thus form a basis for the use of Industry 4.0 technologies.”

– William Kluge, Production Manager, Rohrdorfer Cement

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Leopold Spenner

Co-Founder & CEO