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One thing is clear: our heart beats for sustainability and technology! What does that mean specifically? We are working on a greener future in the concrete and cement industry and we want to do our part to fight the climate crisis.

But it is also clear to us that every employee is unique in their needs and background. Whether voluntary work, childcare or other family and private obligations: A good work-life balance is a matter of course for us. We therefore encourage every team member to try new things, to discover new responsibilities, strengths and fields of work.

We live the claim with every new team member and the new perspective that he/she brings, to grow as an organization and to get a little bit better. Do you want to join us on our journey? Then become part of our team. We look forward to seeing you!


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Values that are close to our hearts

Constant learning

With our project we are breaking new ground. That's why curiosity and openness to the unknown are part of it. This is the only way we can continuously develop ourselves and our company.

Saving of CO2 emissions

For us, capitalism is an instrument to achieve a positive impact on our planet. For us, this means one thing: We have to get involved with the CO2-intensive industry and make concrete a better and more sustainable building material.

Open working atmosphere

Our working atmosphere is characterized by trust, honesty and appreciation. We also offer freedom that enables everyone to take on responsibility. Our ultimate goal: A multidisciplinary and diverse team, as well as the compatibility of family and work.

Scientific work

We strive to build our company on the basis of rational arguments, facts and scientific knowledge. Allowing oneself to be persuaded, or changing one's mind with reason, is not a weakness but a sign of strength and the ability to reflect.


We try our best to do what advances our company and our vision the most. When necessary, we take calculated risk to move forward and grow. We are determined to be the best at what we do every day.

Occam's Razor

We work according to the principle: simple approaches, arguments and work results are always to be preferred to complex approaches wherever possible.

your new job

Being part of alcemy means being part of a bigger vision. It means automating and decarbonizing one of the most CO2-intensive industries and thus setting the standard for a new era in the concrete and cement industry. You love technology and sustainability and are motivated to make a significant contribution to a climate-friendly future? Then apply today for the current vacancies. We also look forward to unsolicited applications!

Our open positions:

Our benefits

We offer a family-friendly work environment with flexible working hours and a hybrid work setting. Direct personal contact is important to us, which is why we all organize a joint team week with activities in Berlin every eight week. You also receive alcemy shares, can use a business bike and take advantage of a training budget of at least €1,500 per year and 3 days per quarter.

But the best is yet to come: you get low-carbon concrete by alcemy for the rest of your life! 🙂

Contact person for interested parties and applicants. We look forward to your message!

Magdalena Milecka

Recruitment Coordinator


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